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Eternity Aromatic Essence for Men by Calvin Klein is an invigorating Aromatic Fruity fragrance designed specifically for men who appreciate timeless sophistication. Introduced in 2024, this fragrance encapsulates modern masculinity with a captivating blend of notes. The top notes feature a refreshing fusion of Juniper Berries, zesty Sichuan Pepper, and vibrant Lemon, setting a lively tone. In the heart, Coconut adds a hint of tropical allure while Lavender lends a soothing, aromatic quality. The base notes of Guatemalan Cardamom, Virginian Cedar, and Patchouli provide a warm and grounding finish, leaving a lasting impression. Eternity Aromatic Essence for Men is a testament to Calvin Klein's commitment to crafting fragrances that embody elegance and refinement for the contemporary man.